How do you learn a new language? There is no secret: practice is the key to fluency. Use your target language whenever possible. Here are a few ideas to help:

Entertainment is a fun way to learn


1. Listen to songs in your target language. Learn the lyrics with their translation. Do some karakoe, and sing.

2. Watch series, movies (turn on subtitles if needed), or even Youtube videos.

3. Read magazines, books, newspapers.

Use the language as often as possible


4. Switch your phone language and keyboard to your target language

5. Find a language partner: Join Facebook Expat groups of your country (just search for: Expats in *insert the country or the city where you live*) and post a language exchange request. Check the Couchsurfing community in your area, sometimes language exchange groups meet up on a regular basis. Some universities organize tandem exchanges.

6. Search online for penpals (Penpal-Gate is a great choice!)

7. If you have a close friend who’s learning your target language, practice together by discussing using this language.

Don't skip the basics


8. Try online courses. Some sites offer a free trial session.

9. Use language apps or play games.

10. Don’t skip grammar and conjugation rules especially when you’re still a beginner.

11. Instead of memorizing random words, learn the words in a complete sentence – it is easier to memorize a word in a context or when associated with something.

12. The most effective way is probably total immersion. Travel and work, volunteer, do au-pairing, stay with a local host family…

 How do you improve your language skills? Share your tips with us!

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Reading books in the language you want to learn is very helpful...




ciao! Io sono Elkira! Io parlo Italiano, una lingua poco parlata, almeno credo😅.
Studio e pratico sport, passo del tempo con gli amici, e mi sto preparando per gli esami🤯


Bonjour. Je m'appelle Karina Joanna, je suis étudiant au mexique et j'ai 18 ans. Je suis dans une relation avec Ben, il est étudiant.



Salut à tous. Je m'appelle Rodrigo, je suis brésilien et j'ai 40 ans. Je suis marié avec André, il est architecte, y je suis professeur d'espagnol à Rio.


I recommend to talk to yourself in language you’re studying. That sounds a little (who am I kidding, that sounds totally odd) strange, but this really helps to jump over the language barrier and become more fluent and confident. .


I'm learning a language through hearing it much from my sister and brother. They are talking the whole day english haha