If you're about to a have a meal or a snack, think twice before reading this article!

1. Southeast Asia: Hard-boiled bird embryo (Balut)


"It looks like a normal egg". That's what you'll think before you pull the shell. It is actually a fertilized egg, turning into a chick. The embryo is boiled alive by the way. Here's how to eat a balut: crack the top of the egg, drink the liquid, then eat what's left (the embryo). Maybe you'll be lucky enough to have a beak, some feathers or some bones in your egg.

2. MIddle-East, Far East, France, Spain, Turkey, Romania: brains and tongues


It may sound like a Halloween party menu for some. Joke aside, it is considered a prestigious meal in some countries. During Adha, the most important feast in Islam, a sheep's head is very often shared at lunch between family members. Furthermore, brains and tongues are highly nutritive and healthy as long as they are consumed moderately.

3. Russia: herring under a fur coat

Herring under a fur coat

We all know the tasty Russian salad (Olivier salad). It's not the only popular salad in Russia. As the names indicates, Herring under a fur coat consists of a "coat": layer of vegetables (beets, carrots potatoes, onions) and hard-boiled egg that covers a layer of salted herrings – even better if they're pickled. Seasoned by mayonnaise – mayonnaise and Russian: a true love story.

4. Scandinavia and Finland: Blood pancakes (Blodplättar)

Blood pancakes

Up for a bloody breakfast? You'll need the same ingredients you use in normal pancakes: milk, flour, egg, in addition to... blood. Directly collected after the slaughter of the animal. If you have extra remaining blood, you could make puddings or soups as well.

5. Cambodia: fried tarantulas spiders

Fried tarantulas spiders

The ultimate question: what does a fried tarantula taste like?! Apparently the legs are crispy and the body is more tender – similar to crab's and chicken's meat. Does it motivate you to follow the entomophagy movement? I personally wouldn't taste an insect even for a million dollars.

 Would you try these dishes? Tell us about the weird foods or drinks in your country!

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Incredible, sooo wierd, hmm discusting 🤮🤢




i am afriad ti eat this food.


Is it weird if I don't want to try them?however in Rome we have a food called "trippa"that substantially would be parts of the stomach of a bovine cooked in tomato sauce.


Fellows, no list of weird foods can ever be complete without Vegemite from Australia 😂


No mention of haggis? Who doesn't want to eat the insides of a sheep cooked inside a sheep stomach? It's not that bad actually and some of these sound nice too.